Office Construction is Changing: Here’s How Hirsch Can Help

For many businesses preparing to return to the office, adjusting to a post COVID-19 work environment will be a journey of challenges and best practices. With employee and customer safety at the forefront of return to work conditions, the new normal will undoubtedly include social distancing measures, face masks, hand hygiene stations, and barriers and partitions, to name a few. But design and layout considerations will change as well.

The pre-COVID trend of team-based open office concepts will see a reversal, with a renewed focus on greater physical separation, including distanced workstations and depopulated common areas. While the pandemic has posed many construction and remodeling challenges, it has also provided an opportunity to deliver innovative solutions that balance collaboration with safety in a post-Covid office environment.

Hirsh is excited to be on the forefront of building industry innovations and is committed to helping businesses return safely to a collective workspace, including a newly completed office space for Intersystem in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Our team has adapted to this new normal and we continue to plan and manage projects with the highest quality and service. Through top-tier execution and expert project management, we provide:  

  • Preconstruction
  • Design
  • Building, general contracting
  • Site project management
  • Organized, responsive communication

We are here and ready to help you rethink your future office space.  Contact us to learn more about our services.